What's Great About MEP?

Madison Emergency Physicians strives to maximize the opportunities for employees and partners alike to enjoy their time away from work and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Thanks to the flexibility of our democratic group and our robust social committee, we are proud of our ability to offer great opportunities in: 


  1. Non-Automated
    Allows partners and partner-track physicians 8 requests off per month, including 1.5 weekends at minimum.
  2. Vacation Months
    Allow for a 12 requests off and a 4 shift reduction in a month.
  3. Night Shift Blocks
    Allow partners to work 2 months of only day shifts and block their night shift months every 3rd month to minimize disruption to circadian rhythm.
  4. Sabbatical Months
    Allow for a 10 shift reduction in a month.


  1. Road Cycling
    Foster Indra Lazio Nelson O'Brien Russo Sebens Sharpswain Teitge Tomburrini Van Roo
  2. Rock Climbing
    Halberg Hansen Lazio Martin, K Moore Nelson Tomburrini Ray Van Roo
  3. Boating & Sailing
    Callisto Martin, S Moore Tomburrini
  4. Golfing
    Foley Hecht Mamerow Rawling Sebens
  5. Travel
    Funk Indra S. Martin Teitge
  6. Downhill Skiing
    Foster Lazio Martin, S Nelson Pearce Sebens Teitge Tomburrini Van Roo
  7. Hiking
    Halberg Lazio Teitge Tomburrini Van Roo
  8. Cooking
    Funk Indra S. Martin
  9. Fishing
    Lutes Tomburrini


  1. 1
    Century Rides
    Miller (5) Moore Nelson (2) O'Brien (2) Russo (3) Sebens Sharpswain (9) Tumpach Van Roo
  2. 2
    Ironman Finishers
    Indra (3) Leschke Nelson O'Brien (5) Sebens Teitge Van Roo (3)
  3. 3
    1/2 Ironman Finishers
    Foley Indra Leschke (2) Miller Moore Nelson (5) O'Brien (3) Russo Tumpach
  4. 4
    Marathon Finishers
    Hansen (2) Indra (3) Lazio (2) Leschke (3) Miller Nelson (2) O'Brien (7) Sebens (13) Sharpswain (2) Smith (6) Tumpach (4) Van Roo
  5. 5
    1/2 Marathon Finishers
    Foley Lazio (3) Leib Leschke (4) Moore (4) Miller (10) Nelson (2) O'Brien (3) Russo Sebens Sharpswain (4) Smith (7) Tumpach (5)