Medical Direction

Madison Emergency Physicians offer the opportunity for active physician lead medical direction.

  • Fellowship trained and continued involvement with local, regional, state, and national EMS partners provides up to date medical direction and EMS physician expertise or oversight
  • Standardization of pre-hospital protocols to provide evidence-based and cost-effective care
  • Training
  • Ride along time with medical director to allow on scene education and medical direction as well as an opportunity to identify barriers to providing the highest quality of emergency care in the field
  • 911 medical director response capabilities at ALS level for large scale or MCI events
  • Participation in the development and implementation of effective quality assurance and process improvement programs for continuous system and patient care improvement
Affiliation with SSM Health hospitals and Madison Emergency Physicians

  • Hospital based education, QA and patient care feedback programs
  • Interdisciplinary disaster and education training opportunities
  • Online medical direction from trained Emergency Medicine physicians
  • Building of relationships with our hospital-based emergency care providers